TASTE Coupon Book


The TASTE 2021 Coupon Book is filled with discounts to area restaurants, specialty shops and other amazing offers! Your support of TASTE changes how the world views individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Approximately 85 cents of every dollar raised will go directly toward the care of 200+ individuals Holy Angels serves. It’s a great way to support Holy Angels AND your favorite places in our community. Don’t wait! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Here are just a few of the amazing offers in the TASTE Coupon Book!

  • Bella Nonnas
  • Birdwells
  • Biscottis
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Chocolate Crocodile
  • Coca Cola at Corks & Cuts
  • Cotton Street Farms
  • David Toms AngelWorks Giftshop
  • Dillas
  • Double The Cake
  • Glow
  • Grace and Mercy Gifts
  • Great Raft
  • iShuttle
  • Jolie Blonde
  • Lewis Gifts
  • Magnolia Creative Co.
  • Parish Taceaux
  • Rhino
  • RNL
  • Sample Farms
  • SciPort Discovery Center
  • ArtSpace
  • Studio H Design – Lynda Huffman
  • Sweetport
  • Tazikis
  • The Lot
  • Village Café
  • We Olive
  • Whisk
  • and many more…